the skirt is finished

full skirtIt was down to the wire.  Well, not really, but it was as far as my sanity goes.  I have no idea how many hours I spent stitching beads and sequins onto the skirt for the outfit Tina and I are constructing for Locavore.  Let’s just say, many, many, many.  To the point where on Wednesday night my left hand cramped so badly I couldn’t hold the fabric.  I had both kids taking turns massaging it, trying to get it moving without as much pain.


full skirt close upI am totally not complaining. I mean honestly, who has the chance to say that they did this?  That they covered an amazing skirt designed by a local fashion designer in beads and sequins for a charity event. 


I can!


Tomorrow is the photo shoot at the Kirkland Arts Center Gallery.  The models will be there, getting their hair and makeup done.  Accessories will be added.  I am handing all of this over to Carlynne (one of the organizers of the event, one of the fashion designers and our model!!) and Tina.  I have no idea how to dress myself, I rarely wear makeup and if they aren’t Keens, I don’t wear them so, yeah – no styling for me.  But I will be there!  I can’t wait to see not only our outfit but the others as well! 


Yes, I’ll take my camera.

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