stretching my stitching muscles



I spend so much time hunched over stitching.  I’m good about setting a timer and getting up to stretch and move my wonky knee but I totally ignore my neck, shoulders, arms and hands.  Today at my massage I felt the pain of that very bad habit.  My massage therapist, the lovely Erin, is amazing at working on my knots and stretching muscles that thought they were supposed to be that short and working on the last vestiges of hand cramps.  She spends an hour helping my body to recover from my bad posture and focus on tiny stitches. 


jasonI’ve decided that the best thing I can do is book a massage every week.  Erin also suggested heat and ice, in that order, after a long session of stitching.  And her brother Jason, who happens to be my physical therapist, gave me some stretching exercises to keep my arms and hands in shape.


It’s odd to have an exercise regime to keep me in shape for stitching.  I don’t think I’ll be competing in any Ironman Triathlons like Jason (that’s him in the picture), but I’ll be in for the long haul when it comes to stitching.

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