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Some of you may remember this piece.  As I was preparing pieces for my show last fall at Parklane Gallery in Kirkland, I was also getting pieces ready for Plush You!  I kept track of my work in a sketchbook.  I decided to duplicate many of these sketches in a hand stitched version.  Working freehand, I recreated 8 pages, including fabric samples and notes.  I bound the felt pages with metal binding, the kind that you use for paper. It worked out perfectly.


Well, a few weeks ago I submitted photos of my sketchbook piece to a call for art.  The title of the show is “Small Stories” and the curator is Joetta Maue of the blog, Little Yellow Birds.  Joetta is an artist and curator and her name pops up everywhere that you’ll find innovative, challenging fiber art.  It is difficult to describe her style, but it is certainly riskier than my own.  You can find her art work here, and her curatorial work here.


Today I got the email. My work was accepted for the show, which will be held in June at Urban Alchemy in Brooklyn, New York.  This means that my work will be in two galleries in June, one on the east coast and one on the west coast (more about this show later in the week).  I’m very, very excited.  Very.  Excited.


     drogal_sketchbook_2     drogal_sketchbook_3     drogal_sketchbook_1

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