working in 2D (sort of)

006007I love making these. Last fall I submitted three pieces in this format so I was pretty excited to have the chance to make more for an upcoming show in Seattle.  The format is 12 by 12.  This means that the piece must be exactly 12-inches by 12-inches on the outer edges.  There is no restriction on depth. though.  Yay!


I like to match the frames to the piece.  I’ve been getting my frames at Michaels, they had the perfect size. I don’t use the glass or the ugly matt that comes with it.  (I was bummed to find out that they are no longer carrying them, but that’s another story.) 


008Then I pick the perfect background for whatever ridiculous idea I’ve come up with.  I have to buy the little figures that I like to include.  Pick out the felt, figure out the pattern.  Man, these things take forever, not that they are a lot of work, but they are fiddly.



I drop them off at the gallery on Sunday.  I’ll be sure to post photos of the finished products then!

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