I subscribe to the Facebook page, “Evolution”.  I love natural history updates and this is a great site for them.  Wouldn’t this make an amazing plush? Of course, I could say that about all of the sea slugs, my favorite underwater creatures, next to octopi.


556845_463951783619802_427481527266828_1928635_1761959576_n[1]The Glaucus Atlanticus is a species of sea slug which grows to about 35 mm. The species is rarely seen except during periods of on-shore winds which bring them to shallow waters and often end up washed up on beaches. They float partially by means of an air bubble that they have swallowed and stored in their gastric cavity and they store the nematocysts from their prey in their tips for protection against predators; a sting which can be felt by humans. More information here.

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