brainsI’ve wanted to make brains for the longest time.  I made a robot (hmmm, I think he is somewhere in my son’s room) that had a tiny brain.  I love how it turned out.  I’ve wanted to make a larger brain ever since. 

It wasn’t until this past weekend that I finally figured it out and in the end it wasn’t all that complicated.  I mean, honestly, it’s just a brain. But sometimes the simplest things seem to take the longest.  Of course, I made a proper pattern, a tester and then finally the finished product. Yes, I can make another!  And now that I have all that in place the next one should only take a couple of hours to pull together.

This is tiny, only a few inches tall. Probably the size of a monkey brain. This will be part of a set of “specimens” for my (un)natural history show at Parklane Gallery in the fall. 

And if you are now thinking about braaaaains and zombies, go and read my husband’s novel. It’s a good read, and not the usual zombie fodder.  In fact, it’s fast paced and the zombies will make you laugh out loud.

You can download it here, for free!!

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