Happy Long Weekend

007wow. It is actually sunny here today. I mean gloriously sunny, warm and beautiful.  Today must be summer. 

The kids and I did some work in the garden today and I must say, it is looking great. We gave away our play structure in the spring and replaced it with three raised beds, new playground chips and a “patch”.  The patch is for more uncontrollable plants like giant pumpkins and squash.  We’ve added rows of beets, lettuce and radishes too, for good measure.  In the raised beds we have a little bit of everything, but quite a bit of garlic – I think my daughter may be responsible for that.  I’ve added a row of zinnias and have a packet of cosmos seeds to add as well.  An old fashioned vegetable garden isn’t complete until it has cutting flowers as well.

The front yard is looking amazing.  We’ve got a few more fruits and veggies added.


013  025  017

poppies & rhodies                        a fig (had to use my macro lens)         last year’s artichoke survived

006  016  015

a cat                                                  lupine, self-seeded                  an orange azalea


And don’t worry.  I’m still stitching but it is a sketchbook kind of weekend.

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