where my daughter makes a strife specibus

I have Live Writer back!  Live Writer is a free download from Microsoft. With a quick set up it allows you to create blog entries in a very simple to use format.  It works with most of the common blog websites out there.  The past few posts I’ve tried using WordPress’ own blog editor and I found it so frustrating.  I just want to type, add and edit photos (Live Writer has basic photo editing capabilities including adding my watermark).  Anyway, tech talk is not my forte so on with the art…

DSCF5270My daughter is a pretty talented artist in her own right. Last week she had her first art opening in a group show in Seattle.  But she not only does well in digital art and sketching, she has also discovered a love of wood working thanks to a high school woodshop class that she took this semester.

For her final project she created this double trident or strife specibus (in Homestuck jargon).  Her teacher doesn’t normally let the kids make weapons but because it was Rosie and because it’s for cosplay and under the condition that she leave the school through the woodshop door to the parking lot, she was allowed to make it.  And she got her highest grade of the semester on it.

Guess what is on her wish list for her upcoming birthday?  A scroll saw.  Teenage girls are amazing.

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