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This time last year I wouldn’t even have noticed Seattle Magazine’s Seamless in Seattle competition.  This year I am so please to know two of the finalists.  Two fantastic women who are probably a bundle of nerves as they give their presentations to the judges this week.

glam.spoon seamless in seattle recycled coutureI worked with the amazing Tina Witherspoon on the recent Locavore challenge (did I mention that?)  She is amazing because despite the many, many hours she spent working on the Locavore design she found the time to put together, style  four pieces to show in the same fashion show.  A week or so later she had designed, sewn. styled and had photographed an entire collection to enter into the Seamless in Seattle competition.

This jacket is my favorite, but I love every single outfit. The colors are amazing and the very fact that almost all of the pieces are made from recycled clothes and fabrics amazes me.

To see all of Tina’s collection, head over to her blog.  And when you are done reading this entry, be sure to catch up on Tina’s adventures as Value Village’s fashion ambassador. Nobody makes thrift shopping so glamorous!


The other designer is Jennifer Charkow of Stone Crow Designs.  Jennifer also participated in Locavore. She uses quite a bit of upcycled leather in her pieces, combining it with frothy organza and tulle, like in the piece pictured here.  The photo doesn’t do it justice as the froth continues to a full length dress.  See all of Jennifer’s collection at the Seattle Magazine web site here.  Jennifer also has an Etsy shop with really unique jewelry.

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