I have just returned from a week long celebration of my daughter’s 15th birthday.  She, her BFF and I spent three days driving through the Olympic Peninsula with stops in Sequim, Port Angeles, Forks and Lake Quinalt, each more beautiful than the last.

DSCF5331  DSCF5415  DSCF5420DSCF5428  DSCF5472  DSCF5451

I took tons of photos, the scenery is spectacular and very inspiring.  At first all I packed was my sketchbook and water colors but my friend Amy suggested that I take some fabric and threads, which I did. I threw in a piece of hand dyed linen and two bags with ongoing “experiments”.  And my needle lace book.

After travelling around the peninsula we settled down to four days in Ocean Shores.  I took out my materials and started a project with what I had on hand. It was eye opening. It was what I wanted to be doing, not what I felt I should be doing.

Tomorrow I’ll show some pictures of my work in progress.

Thank you Amy.  You knew just what I needed to do.

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  1. Mary July 20, 2012

    Here’s to doing what you want to do and not what you think you should be doing. Sounds like a wonderful holiday! Look forward to seeing your work in progress.

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