changes are afoot

crow in treeI’m procrastinating making feet for my crows by updating my blog.  But I must get them done because I have such an awesome project lined up that I can hardly breathe.  And yes, there will be more bird legs (why do I do this to myself).

If you look across the top of my blog you’ll see some tabs.  Yes, these have always been here, but not everyone notices them so I thought I’d point them out.  I’m making changes to these pages.

I’ve updated the “about” page to talk less about me, and more about my work.  You can find out which shows I’m in currently, and which ones I’ve got coming up by visiting this page. I’ve also listed the two shops that carry my work here (although at the moment I’ve not much in the shops, having been too busy working on show pieces).

I’ve added a “stitch” page to highlight the embroidered pieces that I do now and then.  I love doing these and find they are a nice outlet for my occasional political rant.  They are also a great way to experiment with various stitch techniques like my current obsession with needle lace and applique.

I’ve added an “available works” page as well.  The idea here is that I will list works that are currently for sale.  By using PayPal I can receive your payment, and you a receipt then I can ship the piece.  I still have to work out the logistics of shipping the larger sculptural pieces so I’ll work on that.  Anyway, stay posted, and if there are any pieces you are wondering about let me know and I can list those right away.  “Convo” me (as they say on etsy) at d _ rogal at hotmail dot com (please remove all spaces before trying to use that email address).

I do have an etsy shop, now long neglected.  It isn’t that I don’t love etsy, but you really have to work quite a bit harder to keep the shop up than I have the time for right now.  If I wasn’t selling through galleries and shops already I’d likely spend more time on etsy.

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