art deco

art dec·o

[ aart dékō ]


1930s style: a style of architecture, interior design, and jewelry most popular in the 1930s that used geometric designs and bold colors and outlines

[ Mid-20th century. < French, shortening of arts décoratifs “decorative arts” ]


When you look at my work the first thought that comes to mind is probably not “art deco”.  Art Deco style is the opposite of my work, it is clean lines, bronze, metal, wood.  I like rough edges, threads, humor. 

So I’ve struggled with this year’s theme for the Kirkland Arts Center’s REDUX fundraiser.  Artists are invited to donate their works for the auction. They are also encouraged to follow the theme.  Last year, you may recall, I was one of five finalists for the William Radcliffe Studio Challenge.  It was a huge honor and I got to sit with a few of the other finalists at the auction and we had a ton of fun and Deborah Scott was the very deserving winner (she is so much fun and very talented).

So I feel like I have a lot to live up to. I’ve haunted art deco sites online, I’ve got a stack of books from the library that I’ve poured through.  I’ve filled pages in my sketch book and bought supplies for a now rejected design. ( Navy blue and forest green, seriously Dawn?  what were you thinking?) 

lotDetailSo while at the cottage last weekend I was browsing the intertubes again and there it was.  My inspiration. My a female sculptor who worked in bronze and marble.  Marie-Louise Simard was best known for her Trojan Horse, which is lovely. But not as lovely, or humorous as some of her other pieces.  I’m starting to make my pattern today and hope to have my piece finished by next weekend.  I’m even having the base custom made by a woodworker friend who loves art deco.  Yay.

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