I love this thread


Warning: this post is for needlework geeks only

I wanted to add some metallic accents to my art deco piece so I’m using Kreinik silver thread. I’ve used this thread before but not the “very fine #4” braid.  It is so lovely to work with!  It works up just like regular perle cotton.

Jenny over at Sublime Stitching also carries Kreinik threads in just amazing colors. She carries the #8 braid, which is a little heavier. It is nice to work with and gives you better coverage.  I just find that I’m using smaller and smaller thread with each project so…  I’ll be emailing Jenny though, and will try to convince her to carry the #4 because I like buying from small businesses and Jenny rocks.  In the meantime, I bought mine at the local craft store where they carry silver and gold. Boring.

Okay, I’m done geeking out over thread…

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