summer camp recap–monotypes

DSCF5569Monotypes are not my favorite printmaking method.  I’m not a painter and monotypes are known as a “painterly” technique.  You paint right on the plexiglass plate then run the plate through the press with your paper.  ta da!  At camp we used water-based monotype inks.  These were allowed to dry on the plate (in 90-degree heat this was a quick process). Then you soak your paper, we used Arches 88, place the paper on the plate which re-wets the ink.  The overall effect was streaky, which in some instances is a nice effect, but not all the time.

We spent an entire day working on monotypes and when many in the class were keen to do more, I was done.  That being said, I did go back to the studio in the evening and prepped some backgrounds using this technique to have ready when we started relief printing.

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