birds of a feather

three little birdsI love these birds.  I know I’ve shown the one on the aqua base before, but I decided to make more and now I’ve decided they are all going in my show.  I love stitching this fabric so much – reverse applique is just the right amount of fussy for me.  Just like I’d like to do an entire show of albino creatures, some day I’d like to do an entire show of creatures done with this technique.  Then when I’m famous people can say, “Oh, that was from her reverse-applique period,” or “That was from her white period, after the children left home and she could keep the house clean.”  Dreams, dreams. 

I think this might be the photo on my next set of business cards.  I love how the colors look (remarkably close to real life).  I took this one myself using my little photo cube then I did some editing in Paint.  Yeah, I have all the high tech tools.  I’ll be getting professional shots of all my show pieces next month.

My show is scheduled to open October 1st at the Parklane Gallery in Kirkland, WA.  The opening night will be, I think, October 11th but I’ll update you as I get more information.

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