aaaand panic sets in

coffee and shoesAll of my deadlines are looming over the next four weeks.

I am in no way ready for any of this to happen.  I need four more pieces for Parklane and I am only half done two of my pieces for Schmancy.   I have my own postcards to order, business cards to order and everything that goes with running my little household. 

Which would all be fine if I weren’t looking at my pieces and saying, “that’s crap. that’s crap. that’s shoddy. no one will buy that. who do you think you are?”

I’m not saying this looking for kind words or sympathy.  In fact, my friend Amy, who has been there, knew just what to say, “take some deep breaths, stretch your arms and hands, maybe take a quick stroll around the block and then hop back to it.” 

I will, Amy.  But right now, I need to finish my panic attack.


(picture source: the intertubes. Sorry, I really can’t remember where this came from)

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