The business of art

LareyLast year I learned how important having great photographs of your art can be. 

The gallery  I was showing in has photographs of your pieces professionally taken to use in their promotional materials.  The photographer offered them to me, on CD, with web, print, email and Bellevue Arts Fair (fussy lot) versions.  You know how “calls for art” always request very specific sizes for photo attachments? The photographer figures all this out for you and provides it on the CD.  At the time I gasped at the price. Since then I have used those photos so often and in so many ways, they have been worth every penny (which turns out was a bargain price). They make me and my work look professional – like a real artist!

Today I was down at the gallery , Parklane in Kirkland, WA, having photos taken for my upcoming show. They’ll make postcards for me and I’ll be in the gallery’s ad this month in Art Access magazine, which is also available online.  Larey McDaniel was ready for me in his studio, specifically set up for photographing art, both 2D and 3D.  To say he’s done this before is an understatement. He is professional in every way, I just pulled my pieces out of the box and let him have at it. He was photographing three birds, and was laughing –” if these were people I’d do this…” and he did, and they looked great.  He will fuss with the photo and send me the final version.

Are you in the Seattle area?  Do you need some professional photos taken of your art?  I am not getting any kickback for this, I assure you, but I’d call Larey,

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