car crafts

DSCF5662If you are a mom, you spend quite a bit of time in the car. I spend an extra amount on the weekends as we often go back and forth to the shore.  I try to have some sort of stitching ready to work on in the car (you may remember me covering the car in barnacles last summer). 

This past weekend I combined my new French knitter with some lovely yarn from Darn Good Yarn.  After emailing back and forth with Nicole from Darn Good Yarn about which yarn would work best in the knitter, I chose the recycled sari yarn.  The color was chosen at the shop and I love it, it has a gold/yellow running through it along with emerald green, red, blue and other bits and pieces.  It is the perfect weight for the knitter. The picture does not do it justice at all. I think I’m making a long necklace that I can wind around my neck a few times. I’m not sure. We’ll see how long I keep going before I decide it’s time to add some embellishments.

I really encourage you to check out Darn Good Yarn’s website. They have an amazing array of products, all sourced from India and Nepal. Local women create the yarns which provides them with much needed income.  Plus, the yarn is gorgeous.  Need I say more?

For those of you concerned for either my safety or the safety of those around me, please note: I rarely stitch and drive, I am either in the parked car waiting for kids or my husband is driving. 

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