encased in amber

Pratt Auction amethyst 012I really love the amethyst piece that I did for the Pratt Auction last spring and have wanted to make more.  I love the contrast of the sheer organza and the geometric structure of the gemstone.  You can’t see but the threads are left long and hanging on the inside of the gemstones, giving it an ethereal feeling.  Each gemstone has just one piece of armature holding it in place so when you touch them, the are plush.  Quite awesome if I do say so myself.

Since my show is “(un)natural history” having some rock specimens is a perfect fit.  The first to be finished is “encased in amber”.  If you look closely you can see a small mosquito-like creature that was trapped in the amber. And she had just finished a meal of dinosaur!  Shades of “Jurassic Park”!

DSCF5676     DSCF5679

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