Sugar Snail

DSCF5685030Some of you (Stacy!!) may remember this piece from my show last year.  I absolutely love sugar skulls and have fun making small versions as pins. 

So when I came across this fabric in my stash I knew exactly what my third snail would be!  I can hardly wait for Plush You! Kristen has been posting sneak peeks as the work has been coming in and it is very exciting.  All of my favorites will be there (Robin Fabsits, Fog and Swell, Moxie!).  It is always a bit overwhelming because Schmancy is a tiny little shop and during the show it is packed.  To the gills.  It’s very fun.

I will be at the opening, and if you are one of my in town readers, I hope you can make it:

Plush You! @Schmancy,  1932 2nd Avenue, Seattle

Opening Night Party, Friday, October 12th, 5:00 – 9:00

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