late breaking post today

turtleWhat a hectic day but as always, when it’s time spent with friends it’s the best kind of hectic. 

So, Saturday night I was going to finish my smoky quartz for the show.  Then thought, no, I should get a crow done for Fusions Gallery. Then I thought, no. I need to make a turtle to go with the small snail I stitched up a few weeks back.  See the logic there?  No.  Neither do I.

I found this piece of lime green vinyl in the remnant bin (who knows when) and knew I’d find a use for it.  I cut out and stitched the top of the shell, then used that to create the turtle’s belly. Then in going through my stash for the right shade of felt for the rest of the turtle, I found this amazing piece of Kaffe Fassett fabric. So now I’m unstitching the turtle’s shell as I have a grand scheme in mind for making this not just any old turtle. 

And I’ll get to why the snail is involved when I finish it.  You’ll see.  It’s hilarious.

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