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DSCF5700I’m taking a wee break from stitching as my fingers recover from the vinyl (dang turtle).  I tried stitching some really soft felt last night and even that hurt.

In the mean time, head over to the Plush You! blog and read about all the awesome artists that are participating in this year’s show.  And yes, you mightsee  a little interview with yours truly…  The show is coming up quickly, running from October 12th through to the end of November. You should get there early though as pieces sell quickly and head out to their new homes.  I know I have my eye on one or two!  Here are the details for those of you in the Seattle area who want to add this to your calendars:

Plush you!

Schmancy, 1932 2nd Avenue, Seattle, WA

October 12, 5 – 9 pm

From Kristen Rask, the amazing proprietor of Schmancy, organizer of Plush You! and crafter extraordinaire, “The show opens Oct. 12th at Schmancy! Opening reception is from 5:00-9:00.  After, many people head over to the bar next door to talk plush, hang out with their friends and continue to be in awe of the amazing work they just saw. “

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