oh no, she’s gone silent


Sorry about that.  The push is on!  I dropped off my pieces for this show this morning and picked up supplies for another project that I don’t have time for but couldn’t say no to at Dick Blick in Seattle.  More about that on Monday! 

We are heading to the shore this weekend so I’ve packed enough art supplies to last me a week.  Thank goodness for my little project organizing bags, embroidered by my dear friend Rabecca.  They make it so easy (and fun) to gather together the materials for the half dozen stitching projects I have on the go at any one time.  I might need to order more… Rabecca is amazing if you ever need anything embroidered.  Here’s the link to her website (please note: I received no financial compensation for this endorsement but I may make Rabecca buy me a coffee).

Happy Weekend everyone!

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