30 Day Art Challenge Day 3

I decided that the only way I was going to be able to accomplish 30 pieces of art in 30 days, was to be organized. Really organized. And believe me, I am not an organized person.

Rosy Maple Moth - Dryocampa rubicundaThe first task was to decide on what I was going to print.  My daughter and I have been following this blog on tumblr, oohing and aahing over the gorgeous moths.  I decided that engravings of 30 moths and their caterpillars would be perfect for the challenge.   (This photo is Copyright © 2005 Lynette Schimming and can be found on the Bug Guide.)

So the second task was to print out photographs or royalty-free drawings, sized to 5” by 7”.  This was interesting because as I searched for moths and their caterpillars my mind wandered and it became more of a free-association thing.  To say it will be an eclectic collection of prints is an understatement, but it makes sense to me!

The third task was to prep the plates and paper.  Each 5” by 7” plate has to be filed around the edges so that the wet paper isn’t torn when you put the engraving through the press.  This is boring. Boring, boring, boring and has to be done outside otherwise you have plexi-dust everywhere.  Next is to tear paper.  I decided that since I’d have everything out, I’d print each plate three times.  An emboss, an inked print and a ghost.  So that is 90 pieces of 8” by 10” paper to be torn plus extra.  So far I’ve filed 10 plates and torn 78 pieces paper.

The fourth task is to prep a work space in my “studio”.  I need to soak the paper, ink the plate and remove the ink so having a good amount of space is critical.  The press is ready to go.  I need to get some drying string in place and I’ll be ready.

The fifth task, engraving the plates, more about that tomorrow!

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