30 Day Art Challenge Day 4

This past summer at sleep-away camp I learned drypoint etching using Plexiglas plates. We had used the plates for monotypes and I was more than happy to reuse them for etching. (Monotypes and I did not get along.)  We learned a few methods, all using various engraving tools, a twisted etching needle, an electric engraving tool and a wood burning tool.

I love the wood burning tool.  There is absolutely nothing environmental friendly about this technique.  You are literally burning plastic about 6 inches from your nose.  You are inhaling burnt plastic.  However, the result is amazing.  I can’t resist.  So in an extremely well-ventilated room, I am burning 30 Plexiglas plates. Here are the first three.


Luna Moth


Luna Moth caterpillar


Luna, Roman Goddess of the Moon

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