the apple falls right beside the tree

My daughter is an amazing artist.  She spends a couple of hours a day with her sketchbook.  She works very hard at becoming a better artist and has tremendous self-discipline.  She is a good role model for me.

These days she loves to create characters with full back stories (which she hands off to her friend to use in writing short stories).  In art this month she is doing an independent project where she is creating a different piece of art everyday using her characters.  The other day she created stencils for each of them.  Creating stencils makes you look at the very basic elements of your design.  If you want the stencil to truly portray your character, you have to look at which elements you want to emphasize.  My daughter loved this exercise and came home, dropped everything and got out freezer paper,  fabric, paints and threads.  She worked for about 5 hours after school creating key chains for her friends.

She is amazing. 

          DSCF5717        DSCF5718

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