A tour of my show

three birdsOn Saturday I hosted a little tour of my show at Parklane for students from the school my kids attend.  It was so fun to tour the kids around and talk about each of the pieces, how I was inspired to make them and how I constructed them. 

One of the students Mom is the artist-in-residence at the school.  Having her eyes on my work was wonderful. She had some great things to say about the aesthetic of my pieces; “the attention to fine detail and workmanship combined with the loose threads, and knots that showed that the work is done by hand”.  It meant the world to me.  She herself is a printmaker, painter and an amazing art teacher.  Her website is here,

While I was at the gallery I noticed that the medium (teal) bird had sold!  This was the one that I wasn’t going to put in the show but the three birds together made such a wonderful set.  And while I was there one of the moms asked me, after a long discussion about how I made these guys, if I could replace the teal bird because she wanted to buy the entire set.  I was thrilled beyond words.  It means so much to me.  So, now I have my hands full, not only replacing the teal bird, but creating three more pieces to replace the sold trio.  This is the kind of problem I’m very excited to have!  Luckily, she is happy to wait, so I’ll finish up my prints for the 30 Day challenge then get busy on my birds!

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