A little quilt from ages ago

DSCF5781Sometimes nice things happen when you tidy.  I was trying to make room for printing out in my garage a few weeks back and in moving things around I re-discovered this art quilt that I made three or four years ago.  I really had no plan for it at the time, but I think I‘m going to take it to the cabin to hang on a wall.

I really love the combination of threads, beads and other embellishments.  The outer edge of the quilt is a random combination of fabrics, mostly Kaffe Fassett, but some others, including brown velvet, thrown in.  The middle piece of fabric has a hole cut out of the center for the octopus piece, sort of a reverse applique effect.  I held it down by stitching beads over ribbon which also framed the octopus.  Finally, I appliqued seaweed on the left and a sea star down in the lower right.

The little octopus pattern can be found here, it’s by one of my favorite illustrators Andrea Zuill.  Wow, looking through her free patterns really makes me want to do some more embroidery.

              DSCF5782     DSCF5783

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