Rainy day stitching

The rainy season is upon us here in the Pacific Northwest.  Drizzly weather, gray skies, sloshing through mucky leaves.  It can be a bit much if you let it get to you and to be honest, sometimes it does drag me down.  My husband ordered a dozen or so multi-spectrum light bulbs last week and has been installing them all around the house.  It seems most of them are in my vicinity which says something I guess.

But one great thing about the weather is that you never feel bad about staying in to do some stitching. This weekend even proximity to the beach couldn’t coerce me to head outside.  I stayed in my little “gloom room” (formerly called the sunroom) and stitched.

              WP_000625     WP_000634

WP_000633I’ve been using some new perle cotton. This brand is Valdani.  I love the variegated colorways the most and find them quite inspiring.  I’ve been matching my fabrics to my threads lately, which is a switch.  I prefer to work with perle cotton as it is stronger than 6-strand cotton and I’m not having to fuss with splitting the threads.

I bought these over at Purl Soho, and found them a bit expensive.  I’ve been searching around trying to find a better buy on single balls of thread, I’ll keep you posted as to what I find.

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