this is why they get paid the big bucks

I know that I have mentioned this before, but it pays to have a professional take photographs of your work.  Larey McDaniels is my go-to guy for photos of my work.  This year it was a bit of a scramble getting my show up so Larey kindly agreed to photograph everything once it was in the gallery.  As usual, he makes my work look stunning.  He provided me the photos already sized for web use, emailing, printing and for whatever odd size it is that the Bellevue Arts Fair requires.  All on a CD waiting for me at the gallery.  Easy peasy. Well, for me. Larey is the one putting in the hours to work his magic.  Here are a few examples…

Dawn Rogal - oddities of nature  Dawn Rogal - attempted murder

Dawn Rogal - squid Dawn Rogal - turtle

note: I added the watermark, Larey doesn’t include it on the photos he gives me.

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