aaaand relax


The feeling of being done getting ready for shows and having any looming deadlines is unbelievably overwhelming in the very best way.

I set up my little space at the Pratt Holiday Sale yesterday (selling the little white fawn immediately) and when I got home it really hit me.  That was my last deadline for the year.  I still have the “30 Day Art Challenge” opening in December but that work has been dropped off.  So today I looked at the unfinished projects on my table and started ticking them off, adding clips to fascinators, clasps to knit bracelets, pin backs to little felt pins that will be teacher gifts and starting some gift making for the holidays.

Now is also the time to get out my long neglected sketchbook and start getting down all the ideas that have been floating around. All the things I want to try but haven’t had time to.  More prints, some abstract fiber pieces… ahhh.

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