Beachy Photos

We had surprisingly nice weather at the beach this past weekend.  Two days in a row without rain?  Unheard of.  I took my knee out for a walk and it behaved very nicely (thanks to hard packed sand).  And I got some photos along with pockets full of interesting  rocks.

It is storm season at the shore and lots of debris from last year’s Japanese tsunami is expected to start washing ashore.  I found this front part of a boat, covered in goose barnacles and mussels washed up near the Damon Point State Park.  There were no markings on it, so it’s hard to tell if it is Japanese.

WP_000755   WP_000752   WP_000757

We also took a wee hike in some of the forested areas near the beach – the beauty of western Washington is that you are never far from beaches and forests!

WP_000739   WP_000746  WP_000745

Comment 1

  1. anastasiaeats November 26, 2012

    Great shots, Dawn! Glad you had a good time and knee did not act up. 🙂 The tsunami stuff washing up kinda gives me the creeps. [shudder] Start with radioactive? and . . . paranoia kicks in for me. Hee hee. I’d still give some beach combing a go, though.

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