Over the long weekend I took the time to just play with fabric and thread.  It is rare when I do this, I’m usually working to a deadline on some project.  I see things I’d like to try but push them to the back burner.  Here’s what I came up with!

     DSCF5791          DSCF5793

The first project was a little sampler using linen with linen thread.  I started with a circle shape, the size of my embroidery hoop.  I continued the circle idea by cutting out and adding circles with various needle lace and embroidery stitches.  I also tried a little drawn thread work on the edges.  My very favorite bit is the little white circle (lower left of the left picture above) that ended up looking a bit like a barnacle.  I’d like to make a larger piece just repeating this little motif. I bought the Londonderry linen thread in size 12/3 over at Purl Soho just to play with.  It is lovely to work with, much like pearl cotton but with a rougher look to it.  I really recommend it if you are looking for something a bit different.


In amongst the mail I occasionally get things sent in Tyvek envelopes.  I have a small collection of these (who doesn’t?).  Tyvek can be worked like fabric, sewing or stitching as you like.  So for my second project  I decided to do some hand stitching to see what it was like to work with and it’s fine!  I used an embroidery hoop (as you can tell) which will iron out if I were to bother to drag out my iron.

It is like stitching felt in that you have clean edges that don’t need finishing. I’m going to try stitching a little deer out of some more of the envelopes just to see how it works up and how easy it is to manipulate when you start adding shape and stuffing.

I have to say though that stitching it is loud. I know that sounds odd but the needle “pops” the fabric as it goes through.  Not a problem, just annoying.



The third project, which isn’t quite finished is another linen  piece, this time using my favorite thread, Valdani pearl cotton. This time I played with what is referred to in some of my needle lace books as the Jean Ray Laury reverse applique technique.  You started by layering three pieces of fabric.  You cut out the largest circle from the top pieces, then smaller circles from the middle piece, leaving the base piece whole.  I then used the cut out circles to add a fourth layer.  Once done I started adding more circles with hand stitching.  I plan to finish the edges with blanket stitch.


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