Crafting with my son

My son loves to draw, make up stories and do the occasional craft project.  But it is hard to find something that will hold his interest to completion – so when we were having a discussion about the features of various types of armor (he’s eleven and armor, weaponry and mythical creatures are often a topic of heated debate) and we started to discuss chain maille, I knew just the project for him.

The instructions and supplies came from our local Ben Franklin Craft Store.  The clerk even cut everything exactly to size and bagged them separately so that my son and his buddy had their own little kits for making these bracelets. It was great because they have lots of choices in chains and leather cord and of course, lots of choices for the end beads. I ended up finding end beads that look like D&D dice!

All you have to do is line up three lengths of chain then weave a single length of leather cord back and forth through every other link. You weave the cord back through the first links when you are done and add beads to the ends of the cord to finish it.  You can’t go wrong really and it looks very medieval. 

The boys can’t wait to wear them to school! I’m sure during recess the bracelets will become enhanced with various magical powers.

WP_000804  WP_000805  WP_000809

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