from a stash a bracelet

WP_000841My friend Mary is de-stashing her studio.  So it really is like Christmas around here.  Last week she gave me a wonderful lot of fabric samples.  There are a mix of fibers, all with so much potential.  One woolen piece called my name, the colors and pattern (on both sides) were fun, wintery and crying out for sequins.  Okay, maybe not crying out but quietly mentioning them as a possibility.  It reminded me of a lovely Scandinavian cross-country skiing sweater, the kind that has metal buttons.

WP_000835I cut a piece about 3-inches wide, including the border.  I then frayed all the edges and tried to save a bit of the orange-pink thread which I stitched back in.  Then three rows of square sequins added using a brown cut glass bead.  I should have used black thread but I didn’t have any with me.  Up close you actually see the thread less than in the photos.

I lined the back with linen, just by turning the edges and hand stitching.  I used a simple hook and loop as a closure after considering all kinds of complicated jewelry findings.  I love the combination of sparkly and cosy.  I have enough left to make another bracelet.  Now to decide, blue sequins or simple ecru stitching?


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