Plush Club

043bc775-61c3-4856-9c80-39e8b115cb58and yes, another deer…

My Plush Club members couldn’t decide what they’d like to do, but one little girl had dragged this book to each class, begging to do a project from it.  So we settled on a little deer but agreed that it would be a two week project. 

We started it last week and got as far as stitching the underside of the body to the body sides.  Next week we’ll try to finish. It will depend on how much chatting gets done versus how much stitching but I’m hopeful.

This is a really cute book with some wonderful projects.  Many of them involved using a sewing machine and I find stitching very small projects with a machine can be difficult. I wouldn’t recommend the book for the beginning sewer, either for hand or machine stitching.

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