Edward Gorey

I’ve long been a fan of Edward Gorey, his clever writing and amazingly detailed drawings. So imagine my surprise and delight when I found out today that he also hand sewed plush toys in the evenings as he watched television. I discovered this at the library today while reading, Elegant Enigmas, the art of Edward Gorey,

“While all Gorey initiates pride themselves on their intimate knowledge of his books and drawings, and fortunate one cherish the stuffed creatures he laboriously sewed by hand…”

And sure enough, there was a Figbash, having sold for over a thousand dollars on eBay.  Salamanders, the Figbash, elephants, bats and frogs.

               figbash        figbash2

There is a great article on his hand sewn creatures here.  The author is lucky enough to own a large collection of Gorey plush, both those hand sewn by Gorey as well as the commercially-made creatures.

As I was reading the book I decided that it would be fun to recreate some of the birds of Edward Gorey, especially after seeing his studies for The Osbick BIrd.  His long legs and large beak are so perfect.  I think I’d also like to recreate some of Gorey’s own patterns.  Hmmm, another trip to the library is in order!

osbick bird

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