and I’m back.

I really didn’t mean to abandon my blog. Those of you who live in the Pacific Northwest will appreciate that some winters are harder than others, the gray days tend to close in on you. You replace every light in your house with multi-spectrum bulbs, you spend two weeks in Hawaii, you run outside at the least hint of sunshine, you stitch as the rain patters on the window but in the end, it takes its toll. 

But I’m back. I’ve a backlog of projects, many that are more personal than anything I’ve ever worked on.  I’m excited about them, but they’ll take time. 

donkeyI did finish this adorable little plush.  The pattern is not mine but is adapted from a pattern in a Japanese craft book. It is a wee donkey, an ass. The ass head from “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” to be specific. My 12-year old son had the role of Nick Bottom in the play.  He knocked it out of the ball park and had the crowd in tears. One of the parents said he deserved the Jim Carrey over-acting award for his death scene which lasted about 5 minutes.  The entire cast was amazing and the play hysterical (think a 12-year old boy dressed in a dress stuffed with two balloons, in a haystack of a blonde wig, sashaying out onto stage to the music, “The Stripper” and you’ll get a feel for the tongue-in-cheek direction).

But I digress.  Adapting a pattern to use as a mounted head is super easy.  You will have to build both the head and the neck/upper body.  Cut the pattern at the point that allows about 1” from the plaque to the head.  Finish the plush back with an extra piece of fabric cut to size.  Glue. Done.


I am happy to take custom orders on small plaques with plush. Email me a to work out the details.

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