Friday Favorite: Artsy Forager

A few years ago I went to a talk given by Cable Griffith. At the time he was the exhibitions coordinator of the Kirkland Arts Center Gallery.  He curated a few shows a year in the gallery and mentored a student curator as well.  (He is now the gallery and exhibitions curator at Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle).  He spoke about curating a show that was made up of artists who worked in both 2D and 3D. He did some history of other artists and then talked about how he chose each of the artists in the show and how the show developed.  I was so interested, I had no idea what went in to curating a gallery show. This was all news to me having never studied art history and knowing nothing about curating.

The above photo is taken from

Everyday I get one or two emails from Artsy Forager. I look forward to and open every one of them.  Each email either focuses on one artist, one design element, or other ideas.  It is like a little miniature show curated and explained by someone with far more knowledge than I will ever have.  I don’t love every artist that is shown, but I read every email in order to learn what that artist is “about” in the eyes of the Artsy Forager.

I’m thrilled that she often features textile artists and of course, these are among my favorite posts.  And I love it that the textile artists are often quirky, no art quilts here! 

Go visit the website and be sure to add your name to the mailing list, totally worth it.  To read more about Cable Griffith, and to see images of his amazing artwork visit his blog.


When I find fabulous artists I never wish that I could draw/stitch/create like them.  I’m always just glad to have found them and know that their art is there for me to come back to time and again.  I’ve decided to start featuring some of my favorites every Friday so that you can enjoy them too.

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