Stitching a sewing caddy

One of my new favorite magazines is from England and is called Mollie Makes.  The magazine is pure eye candy for anyone who likes to make things.  It is full of projects and links and ideas.  No recipes, no fashion (unless it is handmade accessories), just handmade goodness.  I especially love the little freebies that they include each month – this month it was all the supplies to make a little wallet for holding cards, like an Orca card or student ID.

WP_001142But the cutest thing of all this month is this sewing caddy designed by Jill Hamor, based on a pattern from the 1920’s.  This is so perfect for carrying all the little things I need to take with me to Plush Club.  I’m going to add an extra bit on the blanket to hold a needle threader (I found a really sturdy one the other day at Threadneedle Street).  My favorite is the little spot in the trunk for holding a thimble!

Of course, I had to choose my own colors.  I picked a mottled orange, hand dyed, felt for the elephant.  Then I matched the other colors to the Valdani and Krieke threads that I also purchased at Threadneedle Street.

          WP_001139          WP_001137

I’ll post the finished project, um, when it’s finished I guess.  I still have the little pin cushion to build and I need four little buttons to finish the elephant.  This is a simple project, even if it looks complicated.

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