A Sewing Caddy

I finished my elephant pincushion today.  As I mentioned, the pattern is from issue #23 of Mollie Makes magazine. The designer based the pattern on a vintage pattern from the 1920’s and I made a few modifications myself – I changed up the blanket on the elephant quite a bit, changing the shape and adding the tiniest of tassels.

The elephant is leaning on a pin cushion.  The elephant itself carries your sewing supplies. If you look closely you can see my thimble in the nose of the elephant, a pair of scissors on the blanket and opposite the scissors is a needle threader.  I also think that sewing needles, with bits of embroidery cotton still in them* will look cute. Also, if you look at his little tail, the very end is the strawberry from a pincushion for sharpening pins and needles (yes, I found a purple tomato with a purple strawberry).

I’m pretty pleased with how he turned out.  If I were to make another I’d add tusks and change up the colors.  It’s a well written pattern and although I’d rate it a beginner plus.  You should have some stitching experience and understand dart making.

                         WP_001164                WP_001166

* One of my quirks is that I always leave cotton in my embroidery needles when I’m done using them.  This makes them easier to pick up and easier to see if they fall on the floor.

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