Sriracha Hot Sauce Rooster

09dab535-669c-425b-9553-27b23bb7b246Yes.  Last week I was enjoying lunch at my usual teriyaki haunt and couldn’t stop looking at the beautiful white rooster on the hot sauce bottle.  Sriracha is the ubiquitous hot sauce that is on every table in almost every Asian restaurant. 

Admit it, we’ve all thought, “Hey, I should make a white rooster with a hot sauce bottle on it’s chest?”

So I ate my lunch and took a bunch of photos of the rooster on the bottle.

WP_001173I buy white felt by the yard so I had (almost) everything I needed to get started right away.  I sketched out a pattern, and he came together quickly.  I have to admit that legs still cause me some trouble but I’m getting better. I especially love the spurs on his feet. 

WP_001181When it came time to add the hot sauce bottle I realized I didn’t have the exact shade of red.  I order quite a bit of my felt from A Child’s Dream Come True, especially specific colors. A couple of years ago I bought their chart of Holland wool felt colors and believe me, it does come in handy.

My daughter suggested that I add the colors of the hot sauce bottle into the feathers on the tail.  I love how poofy and fly-away his tail is.  I even added the white rooster to the bottle of sauce on his chest.  Here he is, Sriracha.


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