New items available for sale

WP_001169Each of these is now available for sale!  I’m really excited about these pieces as they combine my love of embroidery with my love of vintage books, especially well-illustrated cookbooks from the early 1960’s.  I embroidered on the original pages so these are one of a kind.

These pieces can be yours, framed or unframed. The frames, as shown on the sample to the left, are a simple black floating frame, 8” by 10” (with the exception of the larger, two page spread which is 11” by 14”).  All prices include shipping in the US and Canada.

If you are interested in any of these pieces, please contact me at d _ rogal at hotmail dot com


WP_001206                WP_001207

cancer, embroidery on paper, $45 (unframed) $65 (framed)


WP_001193          WP_001194

carrot,  embroidery on paper, $45 (unframed) $65 (framed)


WP_001201         WP_001202

pie,  embroidery on paper, $45 (unframed) $65 (framed)


WP_001199     WP_001200

easy canapes,  embroidery on paper, $65 (unframed) $85 (framed)


WP_001204          WP_001205

spicey!   embroidery on paper, $45 (unframed) $65 (framed)


WP_001195          WP_001196

bacon!,  embroidery on paper, $45 (unframed) $65 (framed)

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