A sort of kind of Peacock

Continuing my bird making, I sketched this fellow and decided I needed to see how he looked in person. The transition from sketchbook to textile sculpture is a rocky one.  I’ve done enough now that creating the pattern is more or less straight forward.  Creating the fabric is my favorite part as I love the handstitching and cutting the reverse applique.  Embellishing is my second favorite so of course the tail feathers all needed sequins and more stitching.

bird2    bird3    bird

I’m quite pleased with the end result. I love his backward looking glance and his tail.  I’ve started putting all of my birds on a wooden base that I stain and varnish (it actually has four layers of varnish so it takes some time). My daughter and I agreed that this takes it from the realm of  “plush toy” to art piece.    Yes, I like this guy.


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