Paint by Number


We have a little cottage at the shore and it is pretty empty. I’d like to decorate it with all those washed blue colors and beachy décor but when the only furniture you have is for the massive gaming system set up, your choices become pretty limited.  (For those of you questioning why on earth we’d have a gaming system at a beach house, you’ve probably never spent winter weekends at the beach in the Pacific Northwest).

Anyway, a few months ago I started collecting paint by numbers of beach or ocean or nautical scenes on eBay.  I set my limit (low) on how much I would pay and just bid away.  I’ve been spray painting the frames all the same color. I plan to fill the wall over our bed.  We have an amazing duvet cover so that is where I’m drawing my color choices from.

bed     paint by number

I’ve got a few more frames to get (thrift stores!) and I may even get a few more paintings (it’s a big wall).  I think it’s going to look amazing.

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