sketchbookI’ve been playing in my little sketchbook (as opposed to my large sketchbook which is for soft sculpture ideas).  It is a pocketsize book I bought a few months ago.

I’m working at my watercolor and pen sketches.  I have no confidence in my sketching skills so it’s very good practice for me to do this. I make it more tempting for myself by having nice supplies, like a nice set of travel watercolors and a lovely moleskin notebook. Oh, and my dollar store electric eraser – so cool. 

I’ve been sketching beetles (badly), still life (badly) and imaginary feathers. I’m happy with the feathers.  I love the idea of making giant feathers, as though they’ve  been dropped by a giant bird that flew by.  I’m still noodling about how I’m going to make them happen.

In the meantime, here are a couple of pages from my book.

     feathers pt 2     feathers pt

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