Dyeing Fabric

fabric2Last week I was soaking purple barley to make for dinner. The color of the water was a gorgeous color so when the barley was done I threw in a piece of of linen that I bought as a remnant.  I let it soak for 24-hours and, nothing.  The fabric was not white anymore but of no discernable color.  Undeterred I boiled some lovely orange tulips and threw the fabric in with them and, nothing. Again.  So last night I made a vat of color using some frozen blueberries found at the back of my freezer.  Finally, this poor little scrap of fabric turned this gorgeous shade of purple.

fabricAnd since it is the season for it, I threw in some hard-boiled eggs to add a little color to them as well.

The forsythia is in bloom in my yard so I decided to dye the other half of the linen remnant.  This picture does not do it justice but it is the prettiest shade of yellow.

Next up, a couple of things.  Dying more fabric using tea, some blood orange tea.  Hopefully I will get a nice shade of orange. I may through in some other teas for good measure.  I’d also like to dye my own embroidery cotton. My friend Mary has done this so I must remember to grill her about it next time we get together.

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