Traveling with Art Supplies

pencil caseOn Sunday it took me four hours to decided which art supplies to bring with me on our little vacation this week. Given that we are going to our cottage where a) I already have a bunch of supplies and b) where there is a fabric store, a small art supply shop and a bead shop not to mention an awesome hardware store – it boggles the mind.  Of course, in the midst of all the decision making I decided to etch 5 pieces of plexi rather than packing it along with the etching tools.

I’ve packed my sketchbook, watercolors, pencil case, books on lacemaking and printmaking, eight woodblocks, carving tools, teneriffe lacemaking supplies, printmaking inks, baren, roller… It’s quite a bit for four days.  Next time I might take embroidery, knitting or just sketching.  sigh.

I posted my dilemma on FB and got similar responses from friends.  I need to streamline things so that, like my sketchbook and pencil case I have a “set” of supplies that I take with me wherever I go.  Although, speaking of my pencil case, I think it might be time to clean it out. 

How many erasers do you need anyway?

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