printmaking meets textiles

blocksA few weekends ago I got busy carving some woodblocks. The designs are simple and similar, using the same basic shape as a design element.  I ended up with five or six blocks and printed them up just as test runs. My idea though was to incorporate them into my textiles somehow.

Today I started playing around with them, seeing how they look as applique designs, playing with fabric choices and printing the blocks on linen. I like the direction they are taking so far.

What surprises me is that the colors I’ve chosen are quite muted, I’m using three shades of linen and light gold silk.  The threads are the same shades and the ink was “copper”. 

For my printmaking friends, I just used Speedball ink as it dries really quickly on the fabric and I’m not a patient person when I get an idea in my head.

                       block one          fabric

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