Slow Blogging

You have probably heard of the “slow food” movement and now apparently there is the “slow blog” movement.  Slow bloggers only blog when they have something deeply meaningful to say, not worrying about their stats or the number of followers.  I’ve decided that this is what I’ve been doing the past few weeks, slow blogging.  Sure. Yeah. That’s the ticket.  So today I have another deep and meaningful post. About art. Abstract art. How can abstract art be anything less than deep and meaning ful?

The newly annual “Around the Square” show is coming up in a few weeks so this year I thought I’d try something new to me, abstract fiber art. I’m so pleased with the results – I love the colors, the threads and the motifs that I chose. As I mentioned, this is based on some woodcuts that I did some weeks back.

WP_001457   WP_001459

WP_001456   WP_001458

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